7+ Best Fishing Leader Organizers You Need To Have In 2024

There are so many great options when it comes to properly storing your fishing leaders and lures.

Over the years, anglers alike have used various materials such as EVA foam boards and even the spools that their fishing line came on.

Today, many of the most popular organizers use these same well-respected storage methods to keep your prized fishing equipment safe and secure.

What Are The Best Fishing Leader Organizers?

Here are my top picks for the best fishing leader organizers that you need to try.

Aventik 10 Pockets Fly Fishing Leader Wallet

Best Budget Leader Organizer

Aventik High Grade10 Pockets Fly Fishing Leader Wallet Leader Case Tippet Storage for Fly Fishing Great for Pre-Tied Carp and Catfish Rigs(Orange)

Brian’s Thoughts

One of the easiest and most affordable ways of storing your leaders and tippets is to use a leader wallet.

These pocket-sized storage units resembles a nylon wallet which has 10 sleeves for storing leaders.

The overall size of each sleeve is 4” x 4”, and when the wallet is fully opened, it is 10” x 5.5”. It is manufactured from high-quality polyethylene and is durable and waterproof. Although it feels like a cheap fabric wallet that you would give a child, it is nevertheless perfect for keeping your lines and your leaders dry and well organized.

Best of all, the Velcro strips allow it to be easily opened and closed.


  • Perfect for Storing Leaders
  • Great for Storing Tippets
  • 10 Sleeves for Storing Leaders
  • Made Polyethylene
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Keep Your Lines and Leaders Dry
  • Saltwater-Safe Construction.
  • Velcro Closure


  • Feels Cheap

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Deep Blue SK-5 Spool King Leader

Best Leader Organizer for Use on Boats

Deep Blue SK-5 Spool King Leader

Brian’s Thoughts

Designed to attach just about any non-porous surface, this popular leader organizer comes in 2 different sizes.

The smaller version can hold up to 3 spools, while the larger version can handle 5 spools at one time.

The unit is designed to load and unload with the simple twist of a lever, and the suction cups allow you to mount and move the storage unit to where it is most convenient for you. Because of the suction cup mounting capabilities, it is perfect for use on boats.

There will be no need to drill any holes, and it can even be hung from the ceiling.

The best part about this storage unit is that it is designed to work with all of the popular spools made by manufacturers like Stren, Berkley, Deep Blue, and many more.


  • Suction Cup Mounts
  • Works in Any Position
  • Holds Up To 5 Wrist Spools


  • Requires A Non-Porous Surface

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DU-BRO Fishing Kwik-Lure and Leader Keeper

Best Organizer for Professionals

DU-BRO Fishing Kwik-Lure and Leader Keeper with Track, 9-Inch

Brian’s Thoughts

When it comes to storing all of your favorite lures and leaders, only one storage unit makes the process easier than ever.

The Kwik-Lure and Leader Keeper is one of the best organizers that will help you to keep your lures and leaders from getting tangled. It is simple enough for even a beginning angler to use but is designed for the wear and tear that a seasoned pro can offer.

All you need to do is to place the hook into the keeper and wind it onto the spool with ease.

There is even a handy rubber wedge that will keep the leader stuck on the spool as it hangs from the track. You have your choice of mounting options, as it comes with both screws and suction cups.


  • Great for Trolling Lures
  • Features 9-Inch Spools
  • 12 keepers With Track and Suction Cups


  • More Expensive Than Other Options

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Gourami Fishing Leader Holder

Best Leader Organizer With Hooks

Gourami Fishing Snelled Hook Holder Fishing Leader Holder for Organize Snelled Fishing Hooks Rigs Holder Leader Tray Jigs Board(green-2pcs)

Brian’s Thoughts

Sometimes the best way to organize your leaders and lures is to go with an old-school storage method.

This leader hook storage unit allows you to lock up to 20 fishing hooks at a time on the board for easier storage.

Each of the storage positions features a high-quality stainless-steel spring that is corrosion resistant and makes storing the hook a lot easier.

The board itself is made of extremely durable ABS plastic, the same type of plastic that is used by auto manufacturers to build bumpers on cars.

There are a wide variety of colors available to choose from, so you can match your storage board with the rest of your tackle and gear.


  • Wide Range of Applications
  • Made of High-Quality ABS
  • Equipped with A Spring


  • Flimsy Plastic Hooks

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Leader Feeder Pre-Tied Fishing Leader Dispenser

Best For Keeping Leaders Organized

Leader Feeder (Green) Pre-Tied Fishing Leader Dispenser Holds up to 28 Leaders for Salmon, Trout, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Catfish, Holds up to 9/O Octopus Hooks. Leaders NOT Included

Brian’s Thoughts

As one of the most unique lures and leader organizers available today, you will find that its 28 pre-tied leader capacity is far greater than many other products.

Although excellent at storing leaders, if it is secured incorrectly, the leaders tend to get tangled up. It will take a while to get used to store your lures and leaders properly in this dispenser, but there are a number of excellent YouTube videos that will provide you with step-by-step instructions.

When done right, it will be easy to store your leaders away, whether you have 5 or 25.


  • Holds Up To 28 Pre-Tied Leaders
  • Protects and Organizes Your Leaders
  • Very Easy to Load
  • Super Strong Box made


  • Leaders Tend to Get Tangled

Get Your Leader Feeder Pre-Tied Fishing Leader Dispenser Today!

TOASIS Fishing Leader line Holder Foam Board

Best Leader Organizer for Beginners

Toasis Fishing Leader line Holder Foam Board Snelled Hook Keeper Pack of 10 (6x14cm)

Brian’s Thoughts

Nothing beats the old school options when it comes to proper storage of lures and leaders.

Many anglers, both novice and professional, use EVA boards to easily store their leaders.

This popular foam board is constructed of high-quality EVA foam, allowing you to seat your hooks into the foam and wrap the leaders around the board itself.

Keep in mind that when first received, the EVA foam will have a very strong odor to it, so make sure to air it out for several days before you put it in your tackle box.

When you are ready to use, you can wrap up to 20 leaders on each color-coded board and even use a sharpie to identify the lines.

You will not be able to choose the colors of the board that you received, as they will be sent randomly.


  • 10 Pieces
  • EVA Foam Construction


  • Mixed colors, sent randomly

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MEEYO Fishing Leader Spool Organizer

Best Bang for the Buck Fishing Leader Organizer

MEEYO Fishing Line Storage Holders Fishing and Rigging Spools Line Leader Organizer Fishing Snell Rigs Gear Spool Line Keeper Circular Winding Plates

Brian’s Thoughts

There are many great ways to store your leaders and lures, but sometimes the easiest way is to color code everything.

When most organizers and storage units are designed to use other manufacturers’ spools, this popular unit features its own color-coded spools, complete with a neodymium magnet locking mechanism.

It’s easy to spool up your favorite leaders, organize them by color, and keep them safe in this high-quality polycarbonate case. It is designed to be extremely tough and abrasion resistant. More importantly, the non-slip surface makes it easy to use even if your hands are covered in slime.

The organizer comes complete with clamshell storage boxes that are located on both sides in order to hold your extra lead sinkers and other fishing tackle that is needed.

All in all, you will find that the MEEYO Fishing Line Rigging Spools Line Leader Organizer is a very attractive option among the diverse alternatives available today.


  • Multicolor
  • Saves Space
  • Powerful Magnets
  • Comfortable and Non-slip
  • Multifunction


  • Magnet Attract More Than Hooks

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Nirvana Fishing Leader Rig Holder

Most Compact Leader and Tippet Organizer

Nirvana Fly Leader Rig Holder 4 Pack (Extra Thin)

Brian’s Thoughts

If you prefer to store your leaders fully rigged up then nothing beats a Nirvana Leader Rig Holder.

Each storage disk is 7 mm thick, making them far thinner and more compact than other common foam wheels that can be found on the market today. They are also specifically designed to make it a lot easier to store your favorite lures and leaders with ease.

There are a series of line locking tabs located all around the rim so you can secure your leader regardless of how long it is. Best of all, there is also a bar that allows you to seat your hook in a way that will protect your fly from damage.

Each order comes with 4 pieces, each of a different color, allowing you to better organize your leaders by color.

The lighter-colored center home is also easy to write on with a sharpie, allowing you to mark each of your leaders individually for reference purposes.

One interesting aspect of this popular storage disk, is the ability to store multi-fly nymph rigs.


  • Easy Color Coding
  • 7MM Thick
  • High Line Capacity
  • Easy Line Winding
  • Hook Bar
  • Line Locking Tabs


  • Foam Prone to Tearing

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Plano 108700 Leader Spool Box

Most Compact Leader and Tippet Organizer

Plano 108700 Leader Spool Box, Clear, One Size

Brian’s Thoughts

When it comes to quality fishing supplies, everyone has come to know and trust Plano.

Like most other popular Plano products, this leader organizer is a high-quality unit, but is larger than the standard Plano spool box. As a result, it is an excellent option for storing braided leaders, as well as other longer and thicker lines.

You will find that the organizer is capable of holding up to 6 spools and is transparent to make identifying the individual spools within the box and easier process.

Best of all, it comes complete with its own convenient carrion handle, allowing it to be carried independently of the rest of your utility boxes.


  • Holds 6 Leader Spools
  • Rubber Line Guides
  • Transparent
  • Convenient Carry Handle
  • Secure Latch Closure


  • Spools Sold Separately

Get Your Plano 108700 Leader Spool Box Today!

How Do I Keep My Fishing Leader Organized?

There was a day when anglers would simply leave their leader on their line and hook it to the guide. However, that can actually damage the pole over time.

This is why more and more anglers are using leader organizers such as wallets, spools, and other devices to help organize large quantities of pre-rigged leaders. Many excellent lure and leader organizers are available on the market today.

How do you store fly fishing leaders?

When fly fishing, it’s important to make sure that you keep the fly safe from potential damage while it is inside your tackle box. This is why many fly fishermen choose to use a special design storage units that can safely house a fly, as well as the rest of the leader line.

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