9 Best Fishing Line Knot Tying Tools (2023)

Tying professional knots can be a very intimidating process for any beginning angler, which is why knot tying tools have become so popular in recent years.

These handy-dandy tools make it easier to tie a wide variety of popular and common knots.

In no time at all, even a beginner can tie knots just like a seasoned professional.

What Are the Best Fishing Knot Tying Tools?

Here are my top picks for the best fishing knot tying tools you need to try.

Cinch Fishing Knot Tyer – (Best Overall)
HBK Fishing Knot Tying Tool – (Best For Beginners)
Hook-EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool – (Best Corrosion Resistance)
HONOSON Easy Fishing Knot Tying Tool– (Most Durable)
Lake Products Knot Tying Tool– (Best Knot Tying Multi-Tool)
SF Fly Fishing Zinger Knot Tying Tool– (Most Simplest Knot Tying Tool)
SAMSFEX Quick Nail Knot Tying Tool – (Best All Around Tool)
Tie-Fast Combo Tool – (Best Pocket Size Knot Tying Tool)
TYEPRO Fishing Knot Tying Tool – (Best Knot Tying Tool In A Boat)

1. Cinch Fishing Knot Tyer

Best Overall Knot Tying Tool

Koehler Industries Clinch Knot Tool

Brian’s Thoughts

The Cinch Fishing Knot Tyer is perfect for just about any angler out there who is looking for an easier way to tie complicated knots.

It is quick and easy to use and allows even beginner anglers to snell hooks with ease.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, you will be able to tie a wide variety of common knots without worrying about pricking your finger with the hook.


  • Quick and Easy
  • Can Snell Hooks
  • Great for Lures
  • Durable
  • Great in Any Condition


  • Lines Easily Tangle
  • Limited to 14 Knots

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2. HBK Fishing Knot Tying Tool

Best Knot Tying Tool For A Beginner

Brian’s Thoughts

The HDK is a popular fishing tool that is perfect for tying knots on leaders, swivels, jigs, flies, hooks, as well as crankbaits.

It is perfect for anglers of all experience levels and makes tying knots an easier task, so long as it comes with an eyelet.

Regardless of whether your hands are dry, wet, slippery, or cold, you will have better control over your knots with the help of this handy, corrosion-resistant fishing knot tying tool.


  • Very Simple to Use
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Built to Last
  • Quick and Easy


  • Can Only Be Used To Tie One knot

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3. HOOK-EZE Fishing Knot Tying Tool – (Best Corrosion Resistance)

Best Knot Tying Tool for Corrosion Resistance

Brian’s Thoughts

While there are a number of excellent knot-tying tools available on the market today, none of them comes close to the capabilities of the Hook-Eze.

With little or no effort, even beginners can tie like a professional in no time at all.

It comes complete with a stainless steel cutter, which makes it perfect for both freshwater as well as saltwater fishing.

Whether you are connecting a line to a leader, a line to another line, or even if you are tying a knot on a hook, you will find that the Hook-Eze is perfect for just about any occasion.

There are a wide variety of knots that can be tied using this handy tool, including FG knots, blood knots, bimini twists, as well as Yucatán knots.


  • Very Easy to Use
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Stainless Steel Cutter
  • Able to Tie a Wide Variety of Knots


  • Too Expensive

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4. HONOSON Easy Fish Hook Remover With Fishing Knot Tying Tool

Most Durable Knot Tying Tool

Fish Hook Remover Fish Hook Separator Tools Fishing Extractor Tool with Lanyard Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers with Sheath Fishing Knot Tying Tools Quick Knot Tool for Fishing Hooks, Lures, Trout

Brian’s Thoughts

This popular tool is excellent for removing hooks and knotting fishing lines with ease.

It is a 4-in-1 tool that is constructed out of high-quality 420 stainless steel and aluminum. It is specifically designed to be used with a single hand, making it perfect for anglers fishing by themselves and wanting to release their catch with the least possibility of damage.

You can find it in a wide variety of colors which includes black, silver, as well as red.

While there are a number of excellent choices available on the market today, this 4-in-1 tool is one of the most affordable options around.


  • Hook Remover Included
  • Single-Handed Use
  • Very Affordable
  • Durable Construction


  • Shaft Is Too Short

Get Your HONOSON Easy Fish Hook Remover With Fishing Knot Tying Tool Today!

5. Lake Products – Three-in-One Knot Tying Tool

Best Knot Tying Multi-Tool

Lake Products THREE-in-One Knot Tying Tool Fly Fishing

Brian’s Thoughts

When it comes to accuracy, nothing beats the Lake Products 3-in-1 knot tying tool, which was specifically designed for fly fishermen.

It was created with the goal of being able to grab a hold of the fishing line, without actually damaging it in any way. However, because it is designed specifically for fly fishing, is only recommended for lighter lines.

Nevertheless, it has a solid stainless steel base and a quality spring action that makes it easier to use.

All in all, it is designed to be corrosion resistant, which allows it to last a long time. The high-quality plastic handle is ergonomically designed and easy to grip.

The best feature of the 3-in-1 knot tying tool is that it can be simply clipped to the shirt or waistband, making it easy to access whenever needed.


  • Comes with a Clip
  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Solid Construction
  • Reliable Design


  • Awkward to Use
  • Requires a Learning Curve

Get Your Lake Products – Three in One Knot Tying Tool Today!

6. SF Fly Fishing – Zinger Knot Tying Tool

Most Simplest Knot Tying Tool

Brian’s Thoughts

Although there are a number of 4-in-1 tools that are available for anglers around the globe, this particular model is specifically designed for fly fishing.

The Zinger Knot Tying Tool combines many popular features found in other similar models, including a tape, nipper, knot picker, hook sharpener, jig eye cleaner, and retractor.

It is built with high-quality stainless steel, which is not just lightweight, but it is also corrosion-resistant. The high-quality spring makes it easy to tie just about any knot used for fly fishing.

Best of all, the D-ring attachment ensures that it can be clipped at your side for easy access.


  • Multi-Purpose Tool
  • High-Quality Design
  • Stylish Finish


  • Designed for Fly Fishing Only

Get Your SF Fly Fishing Zinger Knot Tying Tool Today!

7. SAMSFX – Quick Nail Knot Tying Tool

Best All-Around Knot Tying Tool

Brian’s Thoughts

This popular kit comes with two completely separate tools, one of which is designed specifically for loops, and the other is for any other type of nail knot.

It is made of durable plastic and weighs in at merely 3.5 g. As a result, it is a lightweight and extremely handy knot tying tool, that will help even a beginner quickly create clean and uniform knots.

It is an all-around knot-tying tool, that was specifically built to help any angler complete a wide variety of tasks.

Everything you need to tie hooks, lures, leaders, and other lines together, is included in the kit.

Best of all, it comes with a hook remover that will help you to remove a hook from your catch with ease. You have your choice of black, gold, or silver.


  • Excellent Performance
  • Quality Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Ergonomically Designed Plastic Handle
  • Unhooks Quickly


  • Big Learning Curve
  • Inferior to More Complex Tools

Get Your SAMSFX – Quick Nail Knot Tying Tool Today!

8. Tie-Fast – Combo Tool

Best Pocket-Sized Knot Tying Tool

Tie-Fast Magnum Combo Tool

Brian’s Thoughts

When it comes to tying even the most complex knots with ease, nothing beats this fast tying 4-in-1 multipurpose tool, that is built out of the finest quality stainless steel.

While other tools are highly reflective, the finish on this tool is matte, reducing the reflection near the water.

It also features a compact form factor that allows it to fit in just about any kit, or even a pocket. As a multipurpose tool, it includes a knot tyer, line clipper, hook sharpener, and an eye cleaner.

You’ll also get a full set of instructions on how to make use of each of the tools effectively.


  • 4-in-1 Multipurpose Tool
  • Very Durable


  • Nipper Less Than Desirable

Get Your Tie-Fast – Combo Tool Today!

9. TYEPRO – Fishing Knot Tying Tool

Best Knot Tying Tool for Use on A Boat

TYEPRO Fishing Knot Tying Tool / Original Jig Head and Hook Eyelet Grip, Thread Line, Tie, Clip

Brian’s Thoughts

With so many great knot-tying tools available on the market today, it can be difficult finding the right one.

If you are fishing for smaller fish, and need something that provides the right amount of capability for your fishing needs, then look no further than the Tyepro.

This popular knot-tying tool is easy to use, even in unstable conditions. While many of the other tools are not the best when it comes to tying knots on a kayak, this one is specifically designed for use on a boat or even a SUP.

It also includes an O-ring that increases the amount of grip and force, making it even easier to tie just about any knot.

It is composed of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it corrosion-resistant. There is also a detachable lanyard that makes it a cinch to hang around your neck, or even at your side.


  • Integrated Multipurpose Tool
  • Smooth Line Passing
  • Perfect for Smaller Hooks


  • Not for Larger Hooks

Get Your TYEPRO – Fishing Knot Tying Tool Today!

Is There a Tool To Help Tie Fishing Knots?

For most beginning anglers, tying knots can be a very daunting task, that results in print and bloodied thinkers.

As a result, many new anglers are wondering whether there is a tool that will help them specifically tie a wide variety of popular fishing knots.

The good news is that there is a large selection of different types of tools available today, including basic knot tying tools, as well as 4-in-1 multipurpose tools.

How Do You Use a Fish Knot Tying Tool?

Although there are some knot-tying tools that can be quite difficult to use, many of the devices available today are very simple.

The best part about using a fish knot tying tool is that there are countless tutorial videos available on YouTube, giving beginning anglers a step-by-step walk-through on how to tie just about any knot.

How Do You Tie a Fishing Knot Fast?

Even an experienced angler can spend a lot of time tying a knot by hand, which is why knot tying tools have become so popular. Not only do they protect your fingers from getting bloodied, but they also make it easier and faster to tie a wide variety of common fishing knots, including snelling hooks.

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