5+ Ways How To Get A 2 Piece Fishing Rod Unstuck

At the end of the day, a stuck ferrule can ruin a perfect day of fishing.

Just about every angler has had a deal with a stuck ferrule at one point or another. Separating the 2 halves of a rod at the end of a long, hot day of fishing can seem like a virtually impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be.

With a little bit of force, finesse, and ingenuity, separating a two-piece fishing rod is a simple process as long as you know and understand the science behind it.

It only takes about 22 pounds of force to snap the standard two-piece fishing pole in half, but after a long day in the sun, it can take a lot more force to pull apart a stuck two-piece fishing rod. Although it is rare for an angler actually to snap their fishing pole in half, virtually every angler has had to deal with a stuck fishing rod at least once in their life.

After a long day in the hot sun fishing, nothing is worse than not being able to take your fishing rod apart in order to pack it away for the trip home. When it’s time to go home, and your gear is still stuck together, here are some ways to get your fishing rod unstuck.

How to Get a 2-Piece Fishing Rod Unstuck

Use Tape

A lot of times, anglers will tighten down their two-piece fishing rod too much out of fear of it separating during use.

Most anglers assemble their fishing rod long before the sun ever comes up in the morning, and they squish the ferrule together as tightly as possible. During this early part of the day, the air is cooler, and the two-piece rod slides together smoothly.

But as the day goes on, the air begins warming up, and the ferrule expands. As a result, it locks up tightly. The most common practice to prevent the rod from getting stuck is never to seat the ferrule too tightly, to begin with, and simply wrap some electrical tape over the ferrule to hold it in place tightly for the rest of the day.

This way, after it has warmed up and the material has expanded, simply remove the tape and pull it apart.

Use Your Knees

However, if you forget to use electrical paint at the beginning of the day, it is still possible to get your fishing rod unstuck. One of the first methods that most anglers use is their knees. The muscles in the leg are a lot stronger than in the arm and can put a whole lot more force on the ferrule.

Simply sit down, and place the rod underneath the legs. The ferrule should be situated between the knees. Grab a hold of each end of the rod outside of the knees, and use the muscles in your leg to pull the ferrule apart.

Your hands are merely being used as a locking mechanism, and all the force comes from the legs.

Use Ice

If you don’t have enough strength in your knees to separate the ferrule, then the next alternative is to simply cool the ferrule down. Remember, most fishing rods are assembled in the morning before the sun rises.

After the fishing rod has been out in the sun all day long, the ferrule expands, locking it in place. You could try dropping your fishing pole in a deep freezer overnight, but sometimes all it takes is a little bit of ice in a Ziploc bag to do the trick.

Since most anglers bring an ice chest with them to store the fish, they can simply toss a few remaining ice cubes into a bag and let it rest on the ferrule for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Use a Non-slip Pad

Another great option is to use a nonslip pad. Today, many households have one of these nonslip pads in the kitchen. They are perfect for opening up jars and bottles for the first time. They allow you to get more grip on the lid of the jar or bottle, which provides you with more torque to pop the lid. The same nonslip pads can also give an angler the extra leverage needed to separate a stuck ferrule. If you don’t have any nonslip pads, just make your way to the kitchen supplies the next time you’re in the store.

Double Sided Tape

If you are in a bind and do not have any nonslip pads, then you can also use double-sided tape. The double-sided tape can be wrapped around both ends of the ferrule, giving you something to grip. If you need a little more force, you can try the behind-the-knees method in conjunction with the double-sided tape.

Use a Friend

When all else fails, and you’re fishing with a friend, asked them for assistance with what is known as the 4 handed crossover technique. To separate a stuck fishing rod using this technique, each of the 2 individuals needs to place one of their hands on each side of the ferrule. On the count of 3, both people pull at the same time. If that doesn’t work, you can also try using double-sided tape to perform this method.

What Not to Do When Getting a Fishing Rod Unstuck

While there are many excellent ways to get a two-piece fishing rod unstuck, you definitely should not do a number of things. One of these is to use the line guides as a way to grip the pole better. It may be tempting to use the line guides as a stop for the hands, or even to give you extra leverage to twist the 2 halves apart. You should not touch the guides when separating the 2 halves, as you may accidentally twist or otherwise damage them.

How to Get a Telescopic Fishing Rod Unstuck

Telescopic fishing poles are becoming all the rage these days due to how small they can be collapsed. While they are great for fishing while camping or hiking, they tend to get stuck a lot more than a two-piece fishing rod.

Luckily, if you ever get a telescopic fishing rod stuck, you can simply follow the same rules as a two-piece fishing rod. However, instead of pulling the pieces apart, you will be pushing them together. Be careful about using double-sided tape or electrical tape because these may gum up the sections.

What Causes a Rod Ferrule to Get Stuck?

The number one cause of stuck ferrules is expansion as a result of the temperature. Most anglers will start their day off while the air is still cool. In order to ensure that the rod does not come apart, sometimes they will put way too much pressure when seating the ferrule.

As the day goes on and the temperature increases, the male part of the ferrule expands, locking it in place.

How to Prevent a Fishing Rod from Getting Stuck

One of the best ways to prevent a fishing rod from getting stuck is to simply keep it clean. It’s amazing how little dirt and grime are needed to gum up a ferrule. Over time, the more a rod is used, the more likely it is to get stuck together. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to lubricate the ferrule regularly.

Depending on the composition of your rod, there are a wide variety of oils and waxes that can be used to separate a stuck ferrule.

A quality ferrule wax is always the best option, simply because it will help to lock the rod together when in use and provide just enough lubrication to separate it at the end of the day.

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