5 Best Monofilament Fishing Line For Spinning Reels

Choosing the best monofilament fishing line for your spinning reel can drastically improve your fishing experience. Better casting, retrieving, and line sensitivity are some of the benefits when you pick a good monofilament fishing line for your spinning reel. In this guide, I reviewed and ranked the best monofilament fishing lines for spinning reels that you should try.

It can be easy to think about fishing lines as a simple line or sting, and really any old thing would do the trick. I don’t blame you if that is you. I was in the same situation as well before I learned how picking the right line benefits my fishing game.

Here are some of the monofilament fishing line characteristics that you might not be aware of:

These characteristics play different roles depending on your style of fishing. Some of these characteristics will benefit you, but the same characteristics will work against you.

If you want to learn more about monofilament fishing lines, check out this guide that I wrote about monofilament fishing lines.

But if you’ve decided monofilament fishing lines would work best for your fishing style and just want to know which monofilament fishing line products work best with spinning reels.

Stay tuned as we review these monofilament fishing lines that work great with spinning reels.

What are the Best Monofilament Fishing Lines For Spinning Reels On The Market Today?

Here are my top picks for the best mono fishing lines for spinning reels you need to try.

Stren Original – Monofilament Fishing Line

Best Expensive Monofilament Fishing Line for Spinning

Stren Original®, Clear/Blue Fluorescent, 1000 Yd, Pound Test 76

Brian’s Thoughts

Stren Original is one of the best monofilament lines available today. It has been available for decades, and anglers from all over the country have relied upon its abrasion resistance and high sensitivity to real in their prize-winning catches.

Perfect for a wide range of applications, the Stren fishing line has extremely low line memory, which makes it an excellent choice for casting.

It is also known to be easy to knot and has an extremely good strength reduction ratio when knotted. Thanks to the abrasion resistance of the Stren Original, you can rest assured that your tackle will be safe even if the fish darts under a bridge, rock, or submerged branches.


  • Very Durable
  • Superior Knot Strength
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Very Sensitive
  • Low Line Memory
  • Casts Easily


  • Heavier Weight Tests Are Not Available

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KastKing Premium – Monofilament Fishing Line

Best Monofilament Fishing Line for Spinning Reels for Casting

KastKing Premium Monofilament Fishing Line, Ice Clear,300Yds,15LB

Brian’s Thoughts

Thanks to its extremely low memory, the KastKing Premium monofilament fishing line is one of the best on the market today. As a result, the fishing line is easier to handle as well as to cast. This ensures that you have an extremely accurate cast every single time.

And thanks to the abrasion-resistant qualities of the monofilament line, it’s perfect for taking on any game fish, especially those who tend to hide under rocks or submerged branches. Each spool comes with 300 yards of line and is available in a wide variety of test weights.

The colorless design ensures that it stays invisible underwater, and the extremely low absorption rate means that the line is a lot easier to retrieve than any other currently available monofilament line.


  • Nylon Construction
  • Improved Casting
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Low Memory


  • Sticky Drag
  • Unexpected Line Breaks

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Berkley Trilene XL – Monofilament Fishing Line

Best Overall Monofilament Fishing Line for Spinning Reels

Berkley Trilene XL Smooth Casting Monofilament Service Spools (XLEP10-15), 1000 Yd, pound test 10 - Clear

Brian’s Thoughts

When other monofilament lines focus purely on line strength, they become too thick, stiff, and maintain too much memory to be useful for casting. Unlike other monofilament lines, the Berkley Trilene XL Smooth Casting line is specifically designed to ensure flexibility while still maintaining as much strength as possible.

This makes an extremely budget-friendly line that is also easy to cast and extremely sensitive. At the other end of the spectrum, however, by making the line more flexible, you lose certain important features like abrasion resistance and limited line stretch.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Great for Casting
  • Good Knot Strength
  • Low Line Memory
  • Highly Sensitive Line


  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Excessive Line Stretch

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Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Fishing Line

Best Monofilament Fishing Line for Spinning Reels for Beginners

Berkley® Trilene® Big Game™, Green, 30 Pound Test-1760 Yard

Brian’s Thoughts

When it comes to beginners, the 2 biggest names in the industry are Trilene and Sufix. The Trilene Big Game has played an important role in helping anglers around the country real in that prize-winning catch.

Its low line memory makes it perfect for casting, and its abrasion resistance ensures that it will not snap easily when a fish hides under rocks or coral. Because of its larger diameter, it’s not as sensitive as other options available on the market today.

Nevertheless, knots stay strong and it handles larger fish with ease.


  • Low Line Memory
  • Great for Casting
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Ties Easily


  • Not Very Sensitive
  • No Light Tests are Available

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Shaddock Big Game Monofilament Fishing Line

Best Monofilament Fishing Line for Spinning Reels on A Budget

Big Game Monofilament Fishing Line,2.2-Pound Spool Nylon Mono Fishing Leader Lines Super Strong for Saltwater Freshwater 1174-13041Yds, 14LB-127LB (Blue)

Brian’s Thoughts

Shaddock has been manufacturing some of the finest monofilament fishing lines for years. When it comes to spinning reels, they provide a wide variety of test weights to choose from, which range from 14 pounds all the way up to 127 pounds.

The Shaddock Big Game monoline is abrasion-resistant, strong, extremely durable, and shock resistant.

Thanks to its low line memory, it is easy to cast, which makes it perfect for use with spinning reels. Regardless of whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater, you will find that Shaddock lines are perfect for taking on larger game fish, or any fish that like to put up a good fight.


  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Strong and Durable
  • Shock Resistant
  • Smooth Casting
  • Low Line Memory
  • Knots Easily


  • Line Tends to Twist

Get Your Shaddock Big Game Monofilament Fishing Line Today!

Can You Use Monofilament Fishing Line Spinning Reels?

It is generally not recommended to use heavier monofilament lines on a spinning reel. Larger diameter lines tend to jump off the spool when being cast. As a result, more line than is absolutely needed is released creating backlash. The excess amount of line requires more time to real in, affecting the overall presentation to the fish.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Monofilament Fishing Lines on Spinning Reels

One of the greatest advantages of using monofilament lines on spinning reels is their increased abrasion resistance over other line materials. Since it is generally thicker in diameter, it can take more scrapes than braided lines and is also much better for heavier fish. At the other end of the spectrum, the monofilament line is known for having excessive line memory which may become an issue during casting and can lead to line tangling.

Do You Need to Soak Monofilament Fishing Line Before Spooling A Spinning Reel?

Before spooling the monofilament line onto a real, it is highly recommended to fully submerge the line in warm water for several hours, in order to allow it to soak up the water. This soaking ensures that when the line is spooled onto a real, it lays down properly on the bed of the spool. This provides an angler with an improved casting experience.

What Is the Best Fishing Line to Use for Spinning Reels?

When it comes to lines for spinning reels, the most affordable option is the monofilament line. However, monofilament line is also notorious for stretching, which makes it more difficult to detect bites in the water. The best line for a spinning reel is fluorocarbon.

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